Technology, Education and Esports

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GGTech Entertainment is a technology company with projects related to the esports, video games and education sector.

Currently it has a multidisciplinary team made up of more than 200 professionals who develop innovative projects. It was originally born in Spain and is actually expanding through Europe and Latin America.

The company is involved in esports projects, development of interactive products and video game, training, virtual reality and major events related to video games.


Content and Game Events

Content generation, audiovisual production related to the world of video games and streaming, we also carry out massive game events for all audiences.

Competition Plaform

We have our own esports competition CMS, with a control panel, tournaments module and perfectly customized to give an unique experience.

Game Development

We develop educational serious games, virtual reality, augmented reality and everything related to interactive experiences for brands and video games.



Amazon University Esports

The University Esports League is the national video game competition in which players represent their university.

IESports League

IESports is the first electronic sports league between high schools, witch was created to promote social values.

Circuito Tormenta

The "Circuito Tormenta" is an official project of RIOT Games to generate an ecosystem in the field of amateur competition.

eWorlds Platform

Platform of virtual environments with interactive and social content to create gamified online events.

Tempest League

Tempest League is the most important League of Legends league in the Central American and Caribbean region

DODIT Entertainment

A technology company with projects linked to the video game and education sector formed by GGTech and SPTCV

Gamergy Event

Gamergy is the largest GAMER meeting in Spain with tournaments, content, influencers and more than 60,000 visitors.

Valorant Champions

Valorant Champions Tour is an official program of Riot and other contributors where tournaments are organized.